Happy birthday, Jess

Well, today is a very special day. Why you ask? Because it’s your day. I have been lucky enough to have met you, actually blessed. You’ve been the most amazing friend I could have ever asked for; you are my best friend. You are always there supporting me and are my rock when I’m about to crumble. 

I’ve noticed while getting to know you over the past months, how you constantly put everyone else before you. Not too many people do it, or do it willingly. But you do and you’ve done it for me countless times. You are definitely one of a kind. We have also been through a lot together, but it’s only made our friendship stronger. And you are stuck with me for a long time, partner.

With that being said, I hope everyone else gets the chance and privilege I’ve had with you. I mean, not every one is as amazing as I am, so they won’t get that extra edge. But those people will be so damn lucky if they even get a ‘hi’ from you and should take it and run.  So everyone go and wish Jess a very happy fucking birthday, because she deserves all of it.

I will not say I hope your birthday will be amazing, because I am positive it will be. This is your year and you will get everything. But please make a wish or two on your cake!

I love you. Have a happy and wonderful birthday.

Ps. Sorry for being mad cheesy. I just like cheese, a lot.

Pss. I used Carrie because she is obviously our main bitch. Plus, she is how we met.

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